5 The Best Companies On Car Insurance

5 The Best Companies On Car Insurance 

Claiming car insurance can sometimes turn out to be a pretty bad experience. You look for insurance when your car is probably damaged or maybe you have caused damage to another person’s car or other property. Someone might even be injured.

Honestly, no one wants to face any of these scenarios, and on top of that, no one wants to have a terrible car insurance company which can take a bad situation and make it even worse.

Bad Car insurance can get the better of you in many forms. When you have bad car insurance, premiums are on the higher side than they should be. Even if the company offers low premiums then it provides only the least coverage. Some car insurance companies also have very poor customer service. They don’t effectively communicate the present status of your car insurance claim.

Many car insurance companies even require you to use only repair shops that they approve of which can be pretty inconvenient to access. This can force you to travel across the entire town just for repairs or even wait for weeks just for an appointment.

There are many auto insurance companies that don’t have a comprehensive network of adjusters and you have to wait longer for your claim to get processed before you can get the repairs you need. In a worst-case scenario, a car insurance company may not even have the required financial resources to pay for your claims while leaving its customers high and dry.

Best Car Insurance Companies

The car insurance market in the U.S. is controlled by only a few key players. As a matter of fact, the top ten auto insurance companies are presently controlling more than 72% of the market.

While these top ten car insurance companies are responsible for a large number of policies, they still have very distinct characteristics. In order to choose the best insurance company for your demands, we have created a list of the top best car insurance companies in the U.S. and discuss the factors which make each of them unique.

1. USAA:

USAA is by far the best car insurance company that there is. According to surveys, USAA customers claimed that they were very satisfied with the company’s customer service. The company’s easy process for filing a claim as well as its frequent updates on the status of claims was also very much loved by its customers. In fact, the only thing negative about USAA that we could come up with was its limited availability. USAA reserves its services only to veterans, members of the military, and their immediate families. So most of the consumers won’t qualify for the insurance from this top-ranked insurance company.


Geico stands as the second-best car insurance company in the U.S., and it’s pretty evident why it is so. Consumers have claimed that Geico makes it really easy to file a claim. They keep updating and improving their policies. Most customers have also reported that they would readily recommend this insurer to their friends and family. However, there were still a few customers who were less satisfied with the value they get from Geico.

3. Allstate:

Allstate has been ranked as the third-best car insurance company based on the industry parameters and customer reviews. The company clearly takes very good care of its customers. The majority of respondents said they were really satisfied with the ease at which they were able to file a claim. They also appreciated the superior level of customer service they were being provided. Although there was still a divided opinion when it comes to recommending it to others. It turns out that only two out of three Allstate customers said they would.

4.State Farm:

Coming to the fourth company in our list of the best car insurance companies in the U.S. State Farm makes it really easy to file a claim and especially if you are planning to renew your policy. State Farm lags slightly when it comes to the customers being satisfied with the company’s status updates during the claims process. Customers who got their vehicles insured through State Farm have reported that on a bigger scale. The company provides good value.


Farmers find themselves in the middle of the list, ranking at number 5 among the nation’s largest auto insurance companies. Consumers have bestowed this insurer with decent ratings when it comes to satisfaction with the claims process, great customer service, and the value it provides. However, Farmers scored a bit lower when we asked if the customers would recommend it to friends or family.

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